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Social Memberships

Privileges of Social Membership includes the full use of Food & Beverage facilities, & five occasions of golf per season at the prevailing guest green fee, at times designated by the Pro Shop.

All Social Members must purchase one and not more than one redeemable, retractable "Class A" voting share at $100 per share or currently holds a common share. The share purchase requirements do not apply to golf waitlist Members. In addition, Social Members are responsible for the monthly capital levy, as well as the applicable house minimum spending requirement apply to both spouses when joining as a family. 

Corporate Social Membership
A Corporate Membership has at least three Members from the same company, and no greater than five, as an Owner, partner, Director, Officer or employee.
Proof of employment with the company will accompany each individual's application. The Corporation must include a designated primary Member of the organization who would have the only "voting share". The primary Member must have signed authority for the Corporation. The Corporation will purchase one "Class A" share for $100.
Upon Resignation, the share must be retracted. Memberships are transferrable to another employee of the Company once a year with a transfer administration fee of $100. Each designate is responsible for the capital levy and food & beverage spending requirements. Privileges of Corporate Social Members includes full use of Food & Beverage facilities, & five occasions of golf per season at the prevailing guest fee, at times designated by the Pro Shop.

Non-Resident Golf 
This category is available to individuals who live (prime residence) at least 80 km from the Club for at least 9 months a year. As a guideline, London or further to the West, and Mississauga or further to the East. Documentation is required as proof of residence. Non-resident golfers are subject to restricted privileges, they may not play before 11am on weekends & holidays. They may play golf up to 10 times per year paying the applicable guest fee, subject to programs & events, includes the use of Food & Beverage facilities. Locker & Club storage are not included. Non-resident golfers must purchase one "Class A" share and are subject to the social capital levy each month. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reassess and change the details or discontinue this category at any time.